Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

TWO-YEAR Limited U.S. Warranty

Bria Vanity Mirrors are covered by a Two-Year Limited U.S. Warranty against defects under normal operating conditions. Mirrors covered by this warranty are listed below:

  • Bria Glam Vanity Mirror
  • Hollywood Vivid Bluetooth Mirror
  • Hollywood Dream Girl Full-Length LED Mirror

This warranty entails any issue that is caused by quality defective, including LED light flickering, non-operating on/off controls and Bluetooth speakers. 

This warranty does not apply to accident, misuse, neglect, fire, water or other external causes, unauthorized use, alterations or repair, or commercial use. This limited warranty does not apply to bulbs. 

*This limited warranty is provided by Bria Vanity. to you as the original purchaser of the Bria Vanity Mirrors branded product(s) you purchased the “Product”, and is non-transferable. We require your order number, proof of purchase, and the product for all warranty claims. 

We warrant the product to you against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year from the date of your original retail purchase from us. If the Product proves defective during the warranty period, and you follow the instructions that we will provide to you for returning the Product, we will, at our option, take one of the following actions: (1) replace the Product with a new Product that is the same as the Product you purchased; (2) repair the Product using either new parts; or (3) refund to you the purchase price of the Product.

Failure to ship the damaged part or Product back to us may result in you being charged for the replacement part or product at full retail price.

Customer service will ask you questions to determine your eligibility under this limited warranty. If you are eligible, a replacement order, repair order or refund will be issued, and you’ll be given instructions for returning the defective product, postage paid. If we choose to send you a replacement or to repair your product, we will pay the cost of shipping the replacement or repaired product to you.